Deer Steals Rifle from Hunter

My how the tables have turned, when a deer became armed after it stole a gun from a surprised hunter. This is the first incident I have ever heard of where a game animal decided to arm themselves instead of just running away.

According to Fox News, a hunter from the Czech Republic lost his firearm when a deer was startled by his hunting dogs charged a hunter. The deer got so close to the hunter that the strap for his rife got tangled in the deer’s antlers and the deer jerked it off his shoulder as he made his escape.

The unidentified man was hunting in the South Bohemian Region when his gun was stolen. He quickly reported the incident to police in order to comply with The Czech Republic’s Firearms and Ammunition Act. This was a first for them, usually, hunters lose guns after setting them on their hood or tailgate and driving away.

Other hunters have reported seeing a deer with a gun strapped to its antlers about a mile and a half away from where the incident took place.

According to the hunter the gun was not loaded at the time so the deer will have to acquire ammunition before he can take out his vengeance against the local hunters.

They are asking anyone who finds the weapon to turn it over to police.