What They Did To This Deer Will Make You Sick [VIDEO]

According to news reports, four men were traveling along U.S Highway 165, near Stuttgart, Arkansas, when their vehicle struck a deer.

Without notifying the proper authorities, three of the men loaded the live deer into the vehicle and left the scene. Shortly after, the deer regained consciousness, at which point Joshua Rewis, 20, began hitting it violently over the head with a heavy text book. The ten-second video posted shows a total of five blows. The men then pulled over and left the deer in a ditch.

These men a disgrace to human beings and the courts agreed.

After the video went viral and used as evidence in the courts, Joshua Rewis of Villa Rica, Georgia pleaded guilty to cruelty to animals and wasting wildlife misdemeanor charges, netting him a $2,250 in fines, 60 days in jail, and 60 days suspended sentence.  In addition, he was also ordered to undergo psychological evaluations as part of his sentencing.

The others involved; Cody Jones of Carrollton, Georgia and Travis Strickland of Winston, Georgia were both charged with criminal aiding and abetting and each were ordered to pay $370 fines.

The driver of the vehicle, Johnna Sigler or Stuttgart, Arkansas, was issued a warning citation for aiding and abetting.

Full press release can be seen HERE