Deer with Arrow Through his Head has Locals Trying to Ban Bowhunting. mainstream media is helping!

A deer that visits families in Kenora, Ontario, has been shot in the head by a bowhunter. The deer have been visiting residents for 3 years, and they are now trying to ban bowhunting.

The deer named ‘Carrot the Magical Deer’ by locals has been visiting Lee-Anne Carver and her husband since 2017. On December 9th, Lee-Annes’s husband noticed the deer had an arrow sticking through his head. He frantically started crying while telling his wife.

Carrot the deer with an arrow sticking out of his head who visits Canadian  town every Christmas | Daily Mail Online

They have since set up a social media campaign to save the deer. On their Facebook page, they describe Carrot, the magical deer, as ‘gentle and friendly’ who ‘brings harm to no one and an absolute joy to many.’ This campaign aims to change city bylaws changed 4 years ago to allow bow hunting within city limits.

The police and the local natural resources ministry arrived to cut the long part of the arrow down. After several attempts, they put the deer to sleep and cut the long pieces off.

The bottom portion of the bolt was not cut, but “the good news is, if healing happens as suspected, the arrow will slide out freely and eventually,” Carver wrote.

Photo shows deer with arrow sticking out of head in Canada

Reports of this from many mainstream news sources suggest that the deer visits people because it was orphaned instead of being raised by a buck nicknamed potato. Anyone who knows anything about wild deer understands that bucks do not raise other bucks. Bucks are kicked out by their moms when they are only one year old. These mainstream news reports are nothing more than propaganda to make this story seem more upsetting. This emphasizes why it is important to share hunting news from hunting sources like this one.