Deer with Crooked Face Walks Past Bowhunter {VIDEO}

In the past week, two of the strangest video of deer have surfaced. First, a buck walks past a trail cam missing its entire backstrap. No one is sure what happened to that deer. The best guess is that it got hit by a combine.

Now a new video has been posted to social media showing a deer with a crooked face. It kind of reminds me of a boxer that just had his nose broken and it is laying all to one side, only with this deer it appears it’s the entire face.

We are not sure what happened to the deer, maybe he injured it in a fight or got hit by a car, or possibly a birth defect. Either way, he appears to be moving alright, and as far as I can tell he is doing fine. He just looks weird.

The video was filmed by Rod White and he says it is the strangest thing he has ever seen while bowhunting.

I’ve seen some strange things in the almost 30 years of bowhunting I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy, but this is without a doubt…the STRANGEST thing I have EVER seen!!! 😳😳😳

Apparently, this is not the first time this condition was discovered. A similar deer and its skull were posted on a QDMA blog. This deer was killed in NY by George D. Utley III. At first, he thought the deer was injured in a fight. but after cleaning the skull he discovered no break and it appears to be a birth defect. They aged the deer at 3.5 years old so he survived a while like that.

Defiantly one of the strangest deer I have seen. Would definitely make a cool mount.