Deer Wrestled Down in Pet Aisle of Walmart

What is with wild animals wanting to go to Walmart. A month ago we had a wild turkey get an a employee fired when it decided to come into the store and today we have a whitetail deer getting tackled in the pet aisle.

According to the Star Tribune, A deer went into central Minnesota Wal-Mart where it was wrestled to the ground by a shopper. The deer came in through the store’s garden door, which is motion-activated.

The wild kingdom mayhem occurred about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the big-box store in Wadena, police said.

A photo of the man pinning down the deer was posted on Facebook and is attracting quite a bit of social media attention.

The animal calmed down enough to allow store employees to tie dog leashes to its legs before it was carried outside and freed, according to police.

Stephanie Koljonen, the shopper who posted the photo of the deer whisperer covering the animal’s eyes in an effort to keep it from resisting, said, “We were shopping for dog dishes, and we were hearing something falling and a lady screaming.”

Next thing Koljonen knew, she saw the deer sliding about on the smooth floor and then the man pinning the animal against a bag of dog food.

Police said neither the deer nor its human rescuers appeared hurt in the commotion.

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