The Delisting of the Grizzly Bear is a Victory for All Americans

It has been a long time coming, that the grizzly bears of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem have been removed from the endangered spices list and returned to state management. This accomplishment should be celebrated by all citizens of this great nation. We have saved a population on the brink of extinction and now it is flourishing.

But a lot of people are not celebrating, they are angry and upset. Instead of focusing on the fact that Endangered Species Act worked and restored the bears to their rightful position, they focus on the fact that the bears may at some point in the future be hunted. While this may be true they are missing the bigger picture.

States are very good at managing wildlife populations of game animals have exploded under the North American Conservation model. The bears are no longer in danger of being wiped out; they will be here for generations to come. No animal has been hunted to extinction since President Teddy Roosevelt put in place our wild life management system.

The real enemy to wildlife is not hunting, but loss of habitat. If these groups that fought delisting focused the same amount of effort and money on preserving habitat the bears, wolves, and other wildlife would be so much farther ahead. Right now through the sales of hunting and fishing license and other hunter raised funds make up a majority of the conservation funding that goes on in this country.

If you want to save the wolf or the bear stop fighting the accomplishments of the Endangered Species Act and start fighting to preserve habitat.