Democratic Candidate Believes Elk are Bullet Proof

Democratic Congressional candidate with the animal he believes is bulletproof

Most hunters know that non-hunters are sometimes ignorant when it comes to hunting. We hear some of the most ridiculous things things about hunting that are not even close to true. I thought I had heard every misconception out there, but a Democratic congressional candidate proved me wrong.

In an interview with Free Speech TV, Levi Tilleman, who is running for congress in Colorado’s 6th district, made one of the most ignorant statements of all time. He essentially claimed that elk were impervious to bullets fired from an AR-15 rifle. I may not be an expert in ballistics nor am I an expert elk hunter, but I do know that that is not even close to correct.

Here is the exact quote.

“If you shoot an elk with an AR-15 the bullet will actually bounce off. That bullet is not high enough caliber to penetrate the skin of an elk.”

Here is an excerpt from the interview.

That is why gun owners do not trust people like you to make gun policy. You do not know the first thing about firearms, but think you know what kind of policies will actually work to lower mass shooting. How on earth can you come up with “common sense gun policy” when you do not have any common sense yourself?

Mr. Tillemann, you may have an impressive resume that includes Yale and John-Hopkins, but all that proves higher education does not mean you are smart. Do us all a favor educate yourself on topics before you open your mouth.

I wrote an open letter to the members of the media back in 2016 that out lines why gun owners do not trust the media. If you have time I think it deserves another read.

Now to be fair I would never recommend someone using a .223 to hunt elk, but not because the bullets would “Bounce off.” The bullet will in fact penetrate, and it will kill an elk if you shoot it in the right spot. But it is not an ideal caliber for the job. I would recommend something a lot bigger like a .300 win mag or a 30-06.