Democrats Threaten To Boycot Ted Nugent Fair Performance

It was recently announced that Ted Nugent had been book to perform at the Wisconsin Valley Fair on Aug. 4th.

The chairwoman of the Marathon County Democratic Party, Nancy Stencil, said Monday that she may call for a boycott of the fair if the booking is not rescinded.

Nancy Stencil, thinks Nugent should be removed from the lineup immediately. “We don’t want to hear any more of his hateful rhetoric,” Stencil said. “He is definitely not a good fit for the Wausau community.”

Stencil said the Democratic Party would likely call for a boycott of the show and of the fair itself because of the ideals Nugent often preaches.

This was the response from the Motor City Madman:

“The liars & haters are at it again, Maybe my supporters can bring truth logic commonsense Goodwill and decency reality and squash the liars and haters! All their accusations are lies and hate. Period. don’t let them get away with it.”

Kaitlyn Bernarde, the fair administrator, said that since the announcement of the show on April 7, she and board members have been getting lots of feedback from the Wausau community.

However, not all of the feedback is negative for Nugent, she said. Some supporters have told Bernarde they expect Nugent’s crowds to blow away the audience sizes for all the other acts, such as Loverboy, Granger Smith and Terri Clark.

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