Dentist Arrows Potential State Record Buck

Dentist Arrows Potential State Record Buck

Dr. Frank Sullivan of St Francisville, Louisiana may have made the state record books. On the 5th of October he arrowed this monster buck behind his dentist office.  Conservative calculations put the buck somewhere between 220 and 230 gross putting it in the same ballpark as the current state archery record of 227 6/8ths.

On a side note the current state record and number two state record were both velvet bucks, so this buck should e beat the current state record hard horned buck which scored 206 5/8.

According to the Mississippi Sportsman, The buck has 11 points and two main beams on the left side and 7 points on the right.  Sullivan said he and buddy Dr. Travis Links couldn’t narrow down the score any more than that because of the craziness of the rack, which includes three drop tines and a third main beam.

“I truly don’t even know how to score a non-typical like this,” Sullivan said. “I tried to be conservative.”

Sullivan has had quite the history with this buck and based on the story he told it is lucky for the deer to even make it to this hunting season. The deer was shot a by neighbor the second day of last years hunting season but it proved not to be a fatal wound.

During that same year Sullivan witnessed the buck being struck by a car.

“During the rut, he got hit by the sheriff’s granddaughter crossing the road,” Sullivan said. “I was watching him 30 minutes before he got hit. I was watching him from the office with some binoculars.”

He thought the deer was dead, but when a deputy went into the ditch to Investigate. The big buck it stood up and walked away.

“I assumed he was dead; I even went to look for him,” Sullivan said. “Three weeks later, I saw him behind the office.”

This year Sullivan was able to get the job done he patterned the buck and waited for the right time to strike. He decided on a late afternoon hunt. He blew a few deer going into the stand and was worried that he lost his chance.

“I was looking to my right watching the bucks in the woods, and when I turned and faced straight out (of his stand) the buck just stepped out at 25 yards,” the hunter said. “It’s the first time I saw him from a stand.

“He had knocked off his velvet the night before. His horns were bloody. They were orange-looking — they were gorgeous.”

The buck gave him the slip, but came back when challenged by a smaller 8 point. Sullivan was able to put an arrow into the boiler room. The buck took off but he heard him crash. After an hour and a half wait he found the monster.

“I was very, very fortunate,” Sullivan said. “He’s a baby. He’s a 4-year-old, and he acted like a 4-year-old. If he was a 5-year-old, I might not have killed him.”

Congratulations on the potential state record.

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