Dick’s Sees an Accelerated Decline in it’s Hunting Sales

Dick’s see drop in hunting sales

The First quarter numbers are out and they are a mix of good and bad news for gun owners. Since the company declared that they would no longer sell AR style rifles and raise the age of all gun purchases to 21 two things have happened. First the good news, Dick’s is seeing a “Accelerated Decline in hunting related sales.” But the bad news is the over all their stocks are up 21{5c20afc010e65415aecac9ea1262ea64a0924a29c29fc9ad7cafd2eeb769a435}.

According to Business Insider , the sporting goods retailer showed a splendid first-quarter 2018 earnings report Wednesday, sending the stock up more than 20{5c20afc010e65415aecac9ea1262ea64a0924a29c29fc9ad7cafd2eeb769a435}, but gun sales weren’t a part of that success.

“Our firearms policy changes impacted our hunt business which saw an accelerated decline,” chief financial officer Lee Belitsky told analysts on the company’s conference call. “We expect these businesses to remain under significant pressure throughout the remainder of the year.”

Boycott Dick’s

The company is doubtful they will be able to heal the rifts they caused with gun manufactures. Mossberg refuses to do direct sales with the company and a few other manufactures have followed suit.

Even though hunters and other gun owners have stop buying products from Dick’s there sales are up due to the gun policy attracting gun control supporters. The question is will the support last. Right now youth sorts, golf and other non hunting related sports are in season we will see what happen come September when most hunters are gearing up for the season.  I am interested in seeing how the numbers look then.

Dick’s sunk a lot of money into their Field and Stream Stores. In the long run if the dip in hunting related sales continue. It will eventually hurt their bottom line. The gun control crowd will go back to their normal purchasing habits and I am sure hunters will choose to spend their money else where.

Keep up the Boycott it is working.