Did Illinois Game Warden Steal Huge Buck?

A story about a trophy buck being taken from a hunter is making its way across social media. I reached out to David Windsor to get the entire story, and there are some disturbing accusations with some compelling evidence. I have also reached out to the Illinois DNR for comment, but I have not received a comment as of yet.

It needs to be noted that David attempted to purchase tags for archery and shotgun like he had done for 7 consecutive years. He received only the archery tag and did make the mistake of not double checking what he received. After shooting a buck of a life time he realized he had the wrong tag. David Called the DNR and turned himself in. This is where the story takes an interesting turn.

With the deer meat hanging and the rack at the taxidermist David was told not to worry about it. ” this happens all the time.” He was never issued a citation, never told about them confiscating his deer, and never received his day in court. He only found out about them taking the deer when rumor of the officers bragging about taking his deer got back to him.

I reached out to the Illinois DNR for comment. I can see on Facebook messenger that they read my message but have not commented. If they do have something to say I will gladly post it.

What are your thoughts on this case? Why did they not take the meat? Why was he not issued a citation? Do you believe that game wardens brag about the big bucks they take? I would love to hear everyone’s comments about this story. here is the statement from Dave.

“Hey Steve the biggest reason why I made that post was for my own closure as I’m sick to death both for my ignorance and mental lapse as well as learning that the DNR does this regularly without exercising any discretion. I’m upset that they didn’t pay me the courtesy of letting me know they are confiscating it that I found out about it from their own Personnel bragging and it found its way back to me. After posting the story I’ve had several people message me with very similar interactions with the Illinois DNR to the point where heirloomed rifles and Firearms were confiscated for minor infractions. Most people are aware like myself very embarrassed about their own involvement however I’ve always felt that I will never do something that I can admit to and rather than take my son’s tag which was properly prepared and slap it on that dear I kept my Integrity intact and I fell on the sword. I don’t understand why I stay like Illinois who has an overpopulation of deer and conducts Mass Slaughter of hundreds of deer throughout the state every year.. mind you the officers of the DNR are often the sharpshooter’s that are able to partake in these sanctioned hunts/ culling/ slaughter. In a cash-starved state like Illinois why would they not impose a hefty fine as punishment such as 500 to $1,000 for somebody like myself who would gladly pay that to receive their buck. If one could not afford the penalty or did not want to pay the penalty the other option could be confiscation of everything, deer weapon ect… The state benefits nothing from this incident however the officers themselves have their own internal stakes.. in a sense that creates an ethical dilemma. There are no stories with the DNR confiscating antlerless deer, only the trophy bucks and they boasted about it in articles written on the Illinois DNR displaying racks which they gladly estimate in the thousands of dollars worth in state buildings Prosecutor’s offices and the DNR itself. I did not receive a citation and therefore never received a day in court. Any time that I’ve heard of a offence warranting confiscation, they have taken everything to include the meat out of the freezer. There are many aspects I just don’t pass the common sense test.”

What are your thoughts on this issue?