Did You Know They Made a Belt-Fed Muzzleloader?

I was surfing around YouTube and was just searching different keyword and I wanted to check out some belt-fed machine guns. I typed belt fed into the search bar and about halfway down there was a selection for Belt Fed Revolver, so I wondered how was that supposed to work, so I clicked and it brought forth this really cool gun.

The Treeby chain gun was designed in 1854 and can best be described as a belt-fed muzzleloading revolver rifle. It consists of 14-chambers connected together that load like a muzzleloader and revolves around a rifle stock and barrel.

I never seen anything like it. Only two were ever made and there are no videos of them shooting them, probably because they do not ant to damage it. Defiantly a unique concept and surprisingly it never materialized. Probably because the reload time after the first 14 shots would be too long.