How to Make an Automated Scent Dispenser for Cheap

Automated Scent Dispenser What do you get when you combine deer scent and an automatic air freshener? A DIY project for a automated scent dispenser. Not only would it be great around the tree stand it could also be used to play a prank on your hunting buddies.

The guys over at KIG Outdoors posted a instructional video to their website on how to make the ultimate automated scent dispenser for less then 10 bucks. I am surprised no one has ever thought of this before.

The benefit would be that you can get a fresh puff of scent out in your kill zone while you stay stand. Just set it up a keep the scent where you want it. No longer do you have to spray scent from your stand and have it blow back in your face.

Question is how long before some hunting company steals this idea and sells it off the shelf at some big box store

If you liked these guys give their channel a follow.