DNR uses Robot Deer To Catch Meth Addict Poacher

Kentucky wildlife officers used a robot deer to catch a man accused of poaching. The Man was caught after attempting to shoot the robot deer from his SUV with a spotlight.

James Malone, 29, of Campbellsville, was arrested on Sunday by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. According to Taylor County, Malone was charged with illegal taking or pursuing deer or wild turkey, hunting or trapping without a license, spotlighting, littering, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a controlled substance online booking records.

According to reports, the officers used a robot deer to catch Malone spotlighting deer and shooting them from his SUV. They reportedly found Meth during the arrest.

The use of trail cams and robot deer have made wildlife officers much more effective at catching poachers. Anyone attempting to poach should know that wildlife officers are out there protecting wildlife and property owners. Our hunting license and tags go to paying these officers to protect the future of hunting.