Doe Gives Birth to Six Fawns

A whitetail deer on a Florida farm gave birth to six fawns this spring.

I have never heard of a deer having that many babies at one time. Two and three are the norm and I have seen four occasionally but never five and certainly not six.

According to Wood’s and Water Magazines Facebook page, Dwight and Debbie Knight of Knight Farm in Old Town, Florida are pleased to share this amazing miracle. On May 20, 2015 around 2:00 PM, our bottle-raised 7-year- old doe named “June Bug” gave birth to 6 fawns (4 bucks and 2 does). Their weights ranged from 3 to 6 pounds each. She has been consistently giving birth to twins, so this was a BIG surprise!

Congratulations on the new arrivals and good luck to the mother.

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