Dog Gets Torn Apart by Timber Wolves

There is a special bond between a hunter and his dog. And when that bond gets broken it can be extremely difficult, especially when there is no recourse because of arbitrary laws.

Ty Belland posted the story of his dog Spanky on his facebook. They were out enjoying a wonderful hunt when things went bad.

I would appreciate it if everyone that enjoys doing anything at all outdoors reads what I’m about to say.. Today was just the typical day, went to work got done at about 3. Loaded my 9 dogs and headed to where I train my puppies everyday. I found a bear track right away and let Spanky and his daughter jump it, they brought it across the road and I gave them some help and they caught it about a mile later.. just a flawless run like I’m used to. The second track I found was in an area that I’m in every single day, I let the old boy out and he started hitting it real well so I gave him all the help he could’ve wished for.. after about 4-5 miles the young dogs started to outrun him as expected so I went to where they were going to cross into the next section. As I was waiting for the bear to come out I saw it hit the road and shortly after I noticed when the dogs hit the road behind it they weren’t barking hardly at all which is not normal they usually bark 3 times to every step they take. Then I noticed Spanky was not moving on my GPS, he never ever has quit or givin up in his life. I’m in these woods everyday of my life I didn’t have a clue what was going on but I knew something wasn’t right. So I quickly gathered my gear and hit the woods for the 700 yard walk to him. As I got about 60 feet from him I got into some open timber where I could see a ways. As I got around an old tree that was blown over I looked up and saw my best friend, the one and only thing in my life that I could count on to never fail me, the father to all of my puppies getting tugged on as if he was a toy by two timber wolves. One had his head and one had his hips. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. I yelled HEY at them and they dropped his body and came at a dead run after me. My gun was on my back, as I was reaching for it to kill them before they killed me I tripped on my back so I reached for anything I could to throw at them, luckily I got my hands on a branch to swing at them and keep them from getting on top of me. Finally after about 15 seconds I got them to run away far enough to get my gun out and shoot in the direction they went to hopefully scare them away. As I walked up to my best friend shredded I didn’t know what to do. I forgot how to breath. After a few minutes I called my brother to come out by me and some friends to get the number to report that my dog was mangled by wolves. I sat in there in shock for I don’t even know how long.. when I noticed it was starting to get dark I took my shirt off and laid it on top of him hoping it would keep them from eating his body while I was gone to make phone calls, halfway back from my 700 yard walk with just my phone light I could start to hear them jogging up behind me and barking at me. So I put my back to a hemlock tree and waited for them to get close enough in my light so I could kill them. After roughly 3 – 5 minutes I shot twice in the direction I thought I could see them. Thankfully they ran away.. as I got another 50 yards closer to the road they came back and did the same thing, I only had 4 bullets left so I wasn’t shooting until they were almost on top of me. After about 5 minutes of them circling me I could see my brothers light coming through the woods and as he got closer with his head lamp he could see them clear as day. After two shots fired they ran away and let us get back to the truck. Never in my life did I ever think something like this would happen to me. If nothing gets done about our wolf problem in Wisconsin it won’t be safe for ANYONE to go outside. Rest In Peace old man

The wolves in the great lakes region are recovered. There is absolutely no reason they need to remain on the endangered species list. Their populations need to be managed just like all other wildlife.

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