Dog VS. Deer [VIDEO]

Is it ethical to hunt deer with dogs?

I am a traditional bow hunter from Ohio that has never run dogs for deer. My idea of a good hunt involves me sitting in a tree for hours in hopes of seeing a big buck. I scout all year, run trail cams, set tree stands, and listen to hunting podcasts, hinge cut trees, and plant food plots so I can get a single opportunity. I need a deer to get within 20 yards and stop in one of my shooting lanes to be successful. I love the time in the woods and the challenge of a difficult hunt.

When it comes to running deer with dogs I know how it affects my brother hunting in North Carolina. He hunts public land with a bow like he is in Ohio, and rarely sees any deer. Guys I have talked to for this article seem to be more interested in the relationship with the dog than the actual hunt. One day I would like to try hunting with dogs so I can understand the appeal.

I am not telling anyone how to hunt except to do it legally. I personally enjoy the challenge of hunting a deer in his own environment without the influence of dogs or hunters. Making myself invisible in the woods and surprising a mature buck with a quick kill from close range is what hunting is to me. I may not understand hunting with dogs but I am not going to run my mouth to other hunters about something I have only seen on YouTube. I think a lot of hunters should take on that way of thinking.