Dogs Kill 450 Rats At Poultry Farm {13 Pictures}

450 rats in 5 hours

Rats are responsible for some of the most devastating diseases to ever strike mankind. They were one of the main carriers of the black plague that wipe over 20 million people in Europe starting in the 1300’s.

The disease spread because of an overpopulation of rats that led to an overpopulation of fleas. Fleas would bite infected rats then bite people. The rats and fleas were everywhere; people did not have a chance.

This is one reason rat populations need to be controlled. Other reasons include mitigating crop damage, which is more than likely the situation going on here.

A pest eradication company in Germany posted the following to their Facebook page. They highlight the use of Jack Russel terriers to dig and kill the pests. As you can see they are very effective.

The following was originally posted in German and Facebook translator is not the best but you can get a pretty good idea of what is going on.

Yesterday, we were back on a poultry farm with the dogs. This must not be understood as hunting in the actual sense, but as pest control, as the rat is performing here as a hygiene pest. Through our use with the dogs, we even come to the request of the federal to use alternatives for the use of anticoagulants/rodenticides. In the use of dogs, the harmful rodents are killed immediately and within seconds, it avoids all the risks that the use of roden will bring. So no bait can be abducted, for non-target species, there is no danger of bait recording. The effectiveness of the dogs is also not due to the effectiveness of the dogs, as there is an immediate eradication of the stock.
At yesterday’s use, the dogs shot 450 rats in almost 5 hrs. For the dogs, it’s maximum performance and we are really proud of our terriers.
Thanks to Sebastian Grell from for the great pictures.

Here are some of the highlights.