Donald Travis: Transforming Antlers in to Works of Art

The outdoor world is full of great craftsmen, who can take the already beautiful medium such as antler, bone, or fur and elevate it to no amazing pieces of art. Donald Travis is one of those men. He takes regular shed antlers and transforms them it these amazing pieces. The first piece I saw from him was this cross. It was like nothing I had ever seen before, simply breath taking.

I posted the picture on my Facebook page asking who the artist was and I was contacted by Mr. Travis, himself. He showed me some of his other art work and I was just as impressed. Besides crosses he makes mirrors, tables, chairs, and these really cool antler balls.

If you are interested in owning one of these awesome pieces of art you are in luck. Even though the ones picture are not for sale. He will create a one of a kind custom piece for you using your own antlers.

I just want to add not only does he do antler art he is an extremely talented taxidermist. When you go to his website give his gallery a look.

You can get in touch with Donald by going to his website here:

Or look him up on Facebook here: