Donald Trump Jr. Gets Drawn For Alaskan Grizzly Tag and Social Media Flips Out

Alaska’s draw hunts have been posted and it appears that the first son, Donald Trump Jr. has drawn a grizzly bear tag. Don Jr. is an avid hunter and has even ditched his secret service protection to go.

According to Anchorage News Daily, Trump Jr. had applied for one of 27 licenses designated for out-of-state hunters in the area north and east of Nome, Alaska. The unit he will be hunting is not high in demand. Only two other out of state hunters applied for the tag, so his drawing it was easy.

New of him drawing the tag is starting to make its way around social media and the hate is starting to flow.

People Magazine posted an article about it and the comments are quickly filling up with vitriol and death wishes.

Here is a sample of the hundreds of hate comments he is receiving.

Hopefully an Alaskan will mistaken him for a bear

Rob Jaworoski

Let’s just hope he misses the bear & the bear eats him for lunch.

Julie Hicks 

All it takes is for ONE grizzly to outsmart him. Since he is Trump’s son, that probably won’t be too hard. Go, Grizzly Bear, GO!!

Rebecca Cox 

A few people are sticking up for him and hunting

Hunting is about population management.

The numbers of hunters, and the number of animals to be harvested, is determined by wildlife management officials. In many places, the fees are used to support wildlife management.

How is this a bad thing?

Paul Kauffman 

Damn, I’m just wondering what he did to you guys to want him to get attacked by the bear? It’s hunting! It happens every year, it controls the population of the bears, if old man Joe won a permit you would be mad. But this guy does and everyone is mad? Just because you don’t like his father don’t mean you should be hating on him dang….

Angela Dykstra 

Like Angela, I am also wondering if people are madder at the bear hunt or just the fact that Don Jr. is the one doing it. Last year over 50 grizzly bears were killed in the unit and not one word was said.

Predator hunting is an essential part of the North American Conservation Model. I go into great depth about it in my book, Why We Hunt: The Five Motivations of the Modern Hunter. Which is Available on Amazon.