Donald Trump Jr. Kills Bull Elk in Kentucky

Donald Trump Jr. is an avid hunter. And it is good to see that the rigors of supporting his father’s campaign and running the family business where not enough to take him away from his passion. He has traveled the world hunting. But his latest hunting adventure landed him in the bluegrass state to chase Elk.

This past January he was able to harvest a Kentucky Elk with a bow. He harvested a bull in Martin co. on private land.

In an interview with Lexington Herald Leader, Mark Marraccini, communications director for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife said, he acquired the tag from a private land owner enrolled in a cooperative with the state. He goes on to explain how it works.

“Say you’re a big coal company or a big power company and you own 40,000 acres of land. The department has entered into an agreement with some of those landowners that for every 5,000 acres that they will deed over to us to be used for public recreation year round, we would let them have one elk tag, and they can use that tag anyway they want.”

Marraccini said he believes Trump’s elk weighed about 700 pounds.

“It doesn’t really matter what you’re hunting, if you’re an archer, that’s a higher skill level than using a rifle. He made this kill with a bow and was probably 30 yards away,” Marraccini said. “To get close enough to make a kill with a bow, there’s a lot of skill involved in that.”

During the campaign Donald Trump Jr. vowed to be in his father’s ear when it comes to hunting and other issues that affect sportsmen. It is good to have him in our corner fighting for hunting rights.

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