Donnie Vincent Delivers Epic Response to how “Killing Defenceless Animals” is Conservation

If you do not know who Donnie Vincent is you should. He is one of the top hunting filmmakers of all time. If you check out his film, Winds of Adak you will know what I mean, an absolute masterpiece.

During his films, Donnie painstakingly lays out why hunting is conservation and why it is important in today’s modern world. Recently, some of that rolled over to his social media page where he was asked a question.

“How can one define himself like a conservationist and spend his energy killing defenseless animals?

Donnie responds with glad you asked and proceeds to post a series of screenshots of his answer.

Well said Donnie and extremely thought-provoking. This is something both nonhunters and hunters can read and think about.

Why do we hunt? It is something I have thought about a lot. I wrote an entire book on the topic. Which is conveniently named Why We Hunt: The Five Motivations of the Modern Hunter. In that book, I explain what drives a hunter to go out in subzero weather and often time coming home empty-handed.

Hunting is not an easy endeavor but it is rewarding and there are reason why people do it. If this interests you my book is available on Amazon.