Dragon’s Breath Shotgun Shells Fired at Night are a Thing of Beauty

For everyone that does not know Dragon’s Breath is incendiary ammunition consisting of magnesium particles that ignite when fired out of a shotgun. They burn super hot and put on quite a show especially when fired at night.

The shell is made by Firequest and will run you around $27 for a pack of three. Here is the description from the manufacturer.

The  “Flame Thrower” round as pictured produces an enormous wall of fire for 100+ feet. The incendiary metal compound contained inside burns when fired at over 4000 degrees fahrenheit, showering your target in a momentary wall of flame. Because magnesium is an ingredient in this payload you will need to clean your gun after you use this round. The magnesium won’t scratch or melt your barrel it will foul it. For instance one Fireball will foul your barrel as much as 25 skeet loads. WARNING! Extreme fire hazard. Do not shoot in any dry grass foliage, trees, or near flammable materials. Don’t shoot indoors. Use extreme caution. 2 3/4″ round

Also known as Dragon’s Breath 


The guys over at Smarter Every Day made this amazing video of the shooting the shells at night. Enjoy!