Dual Survivor’s Dave Canterbury Loses Everything in Tragic House Fire

Our hearts and prayers go out to Dave Canterbury, (co-host of the Discovery Channel show Duel Survival) and his family after a devastating fire ripped the family’s home. The fire started early Friday morning on the outside of their bedroom window. Everyone made it out safe except the family’s new puppy, which unfortunately died in the fire.

Dave’s wife Iris posted about the fire on Facebook.

Not any morning pictures I ever wanted to post. This was our house at 4:30 this morning. The fire started outside our bedroom window. I woke up to a crackling sound, and there was orange outside our window. I ran to the kitchen and opened the door, and the side of our house was engulfed in flames. I called 911, Rocko was in bed with us, so I grabbed him, yelled for PupPup, ran downstairs to get Papa and Jameson while Dave was spraying the house with the water hose. In a matter of about two minutes, you couldn’t see anything in the house. Dave was frantic looking for PupPup until he couldn’t breathe in the house any longer. It took two hours and two trips for the fire to be completely put out. The fireman found PupPup and buried him in the backyard as soon as they found him. We’ve lost everything. Pictures, VHS videos of my kids when they were little, all of Dave’s books that can never be replaced, guns, computers, every vintage Morakniv that Dave had. We literally ran out of the house with the clothes on our backs. Everything we’ve built and worked for is gone. But the worst of all is PupPup. I can honestly tell you that I’ve never seen Dave as devastated and crying as much as this morning when he couldn’t get to our puppy. I’m just numb. I just can’t even believe this nightmare.” 

Not any morning pictures I ever wanted to post. This was our house at 4:30 this morning. The fire started outside our…

Posted by Iris Canterbury on Friday, May 15, 2020

Dave also issued a statement on Facebook about the fire.

“So by now most of you are aware of the fire that took our house and all contents early this morning. I have always been a start-up/start over kind of guy but nothing can prepare you for the loss of memories built over so many years things like photos, certificates, school projects from children, and Grandchildren, not to mention souvenirs collected during travel and personal collections like books, etc. However, in times like this, we have to place our faith where it belongs and rebuild “collect the Nails and Hinges” so to speak and build a new. We are Survivors and in this, we take comfort everyone is safe apart from our precious puppy and that is a blessing that can’t be overlooked. A short story from today- Understand that we live in a fairly secluded area with not a lot of traffic on the main road down the hill from our house. Today during a time I was feeling especially down I had to go open the water valve at the street to fill a water tank. When my brother and I got to the bottom a funeral procession was passing by! Things can always be worse no matter how bad they seem. survivors will survive and this will be a time to walk that walk! We appreciate all of those who have sent messages and concerns and all who have offered help it is truly one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. I am used to being the helper not the one who may need it but I would be wrong if I did not accept the help that comes through true concern so for this we thank you and appreciate you all from the bottom of our hearts. We will Survive!”

Please keep Dave and his family in your prayers during this trying time.

As of right now the cause of the fire has not been determined.