Duck Hunter Forced to Defend Himself from Gator

Duck hunting in Florida has one big disadvantage from the northern states. Up north we do not have to deal with gators stealing your ducks and then turning towards you, but that is what happened to this Florida duck hunter who was put in a dangerous situation but got out of it unscathed.

The video was posted to YouTube by Swamp and Stomp and they describe the incident as follows:

“Danny sets out on a duck hunt in the STAs, some South Florida public land. These wildlife management areas are known for the high density of waterfowl, fish and also American Alligators. Danny has a close encounter with a gator and shows how to deal with wildlife attacks. He manages to deter its deadly attack with a carefully placed shot right in front of its snout. He took this non-lethal approach because we have no intent on harming these beautiful creatures, and he felt there was enough time for a follow-up shot if it did not work. Encountering alligators is sometimes a part of wading through the swamps, and you should always be aware of your surroundings. Swamp N Stomp always operates legally and pays close attention to Florida law. In this case, the alligator posed an imminent threat to life or limb, and Florida law states that in such a scenario one can use any force necessary to prevent injury. We were lucky that this all played out well, do not think it will happen the same way every time. Be safe out there and try to avoid a situation like this.”

Hunting is an adventure and can be at times dangerous. You should always keep your head on a swivel and keep your wits about you. In my book Why We Hunt: The Five Motivations of the Modern Hunter, I talk about why adventure is important to hunting and how it plays a key role in why we go afield.