Ed Sheeran and Other Celebrities Call for Hunting Ban

A large group of Britsh celebrities, including Ed Sheeran (the only one I have really ever heard of), have signed an open letter calling for parliament to ban the importation of animals killed by “Trophy Hunters.” Usually I do not concern myself with the feelings of anti-hunters, especially celebrity anti-hunters, but in this case, I will make an exception. These people show their arrogance and ignorance by voicing their opinion on a topic they do not understand.

According to The Sunday Express, the stars warn how hunting is “cruel and archaic” and say it is having a negative impact on wildlife by reducing the number of healthy wild animals vital for the survival of rapidly declining populations.

“Trophy hunting is cruel, immoral, archaic and unjustifiable, and can act as a cover of illegal poaching. We believe that a global end to trophy hunting is desirable, and that nature tourism is a humane and more effective means of conserving wildlife and supporting local communities.”

But this can not be further from the truth. Regulated hunting has proven very effective at conserving wildlife. According to the National Wildlife Federation, the biggest threat that wildlife faces is habitat loss. It is true in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America. Wild Animal need wild places to live and trophy hunting helps preserve those places.

Basically, trophy hunting gives incentives to the locals to preserve wild lands. For the most part, Africa is a poor continent and every piece of land that does not have an economic value is transformed into land that makes money. It gives the land value through fees on tags, giving jobs to locals, and providing meat to villagers. Because hunting is regulated it ensures that there will be a sustainable population of animals on that land and area will not be over hunted.

If you take away hunting you take away the habitat. Which will cause even more animals to be threatened. If you want your children to be able to see these iconic animals. You must support hunting and the habitat it protects.

But these celebrities do not consider any of this. They are ruled by emotion and do not care about the science of conservation.