Eel Burrows His Way Out of Heron’s Stomach

In what might be the most metal wildlife pictures of 2020 a snake eel burrows his way to freedom after being eaten by a blue heron. The photos remind me of the movie, Aliens where the baby aliens break through the chest of their host.

According to the Daily Mail, photographer Sam Davis captured the amazing pictures in a nature reserve in Maryland.

“I went to the refuge to photograph foxes and eagles and whatever else may be interesting,” Sam said.

What he saw was pretty interesting, to say the least. Sam snapped photos of the bird with what he initially thought had bitten by a snake, but when he edited the photos he was in for quite the shock.

Apparently, a great blue heron made a meal of a snake eel, but the snake eel was not having it and began burrowing its way out of the heron’s stomach, making a large hole in the bird’s neck. The heron was even able to take to the air with the eel still hanging on.

Sam said the heron was followed closely by two eagles and a fox even showed interest; both probably interested in what they saw as an easy meal.

The staff at the wildlife reserve said that they had never see anything like this, and it maybe the first time it has ever been seen in real life. Australian scientists however have seen physical evidence of snake eels breaking out of predator’s stomachs.

They use their long sharp tail to stab through the soft tissue of the stomach and then burrow their way out through the hole. It is definitely a gruesome scene.

I highly doubt the heron lived very long after the eel made it’s escape. If another predator did not get him he probably succumbed to the injuries sustained from the eel.

It is not the way I would want to go, but that is nature.