Elementary School Holds Big Buck Contest for Students

In many areas of the country, hunting has come under assault. A few years back in Ohio a young girl was harassed by her teacher for wearing a t-shirt that featured a picture of her with her deer. This is not so in a small town in Maine, whose elementary school in embracing the towns hunting heritage.

According to NEWSCENTER Maine, Whitefield Elementry has set up a bragging board that students K-8 can post their kills on and show them off to their friends. The school also has a big buck contest where the student with the heaviest buck wins a prize.

Any type of game is welcome on the board, but it mostly features the big four, deer, bear, turkey, and moose. So far two 7th graders, Caleb Bishop and Olivia Brann have achieved the grand slam for killing all four animals and posting them on the board.

Olivia Brann with her moose the last animal needed to complete her grand slam

The only concession that had to be made was that there could be no photos with guns in them, due to the school’s no gun policy. It does seem a little ridiculous but if that is what needs to be done to have a program like this I would not try to fight it.

“We started our bulletin board a few years ago and kids were posing with guns and their games,” Physical Education teacher Jamie Simpson told NEWSCENTER Maine. “We have a no-weapons policy at school.  So the kids were also taking their photos without their weapons with them as long as they can still have their photos posted.”

Cassidy Brann was the winner of last years big buck contest

This is an awesome program that should be in every school. We should embrace our hunting heritage and encourage our kids to get outdoors and live a life of adventure.