Elk Attacks Crowd and Gores Woman with Antlers {VIDEO}

Wild animals are nothing to be trifled with especially when it is breeding season and the animal in question has long spikes on its head. Things can go downhill quickly if they get riled up and you are in the way.

That is what seems to have happened in a Colorado park. In a video posted to Facebook, an elk is seen attacking a group of people. He singles out one woman in particular and rams her several times with his antlers.

Not much context was given with the video except the location, but it is a good reminder to stay out of the way when the bull is coming through.

Elk attacks woman in Colorado

Yikes! An angry bull elk attacked a woman in Estes Park, Colorado. It's rutting season for elk, which makes them more aggressive and more likely to attack without being provoked. Video courtesy: Tim and Karen Harrison

Posted by Q13 FOX on Friday, September 27, 2019

We are not sure how serious the woman was hurt. Hopefully it was not too bad and she made a full recovery.