Elk Hunter Discovers New Dinosaur Species

Back in 2010, David Bradt was elk hunting in the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge located in northeast Montana. He went down to get some water from a creek where he stumbled across something that he and paleontologists will never forget.

He discovered a series of articulated bones in a stream bed and thinking that the fossils might represent a dinosaur, David alerted the authorities.  When a field team visited the remote site, they followed the trail of bone fragments uphill and discovered more fossils including the remains of an exquisitely preserved skull

Fast forward to today, scientist just released their finding on what he found and the results are epic. What David discovered was a new genus of elasamosaurid, that now bares his name nakonanectes bradti. It is described as a short-necked, fish-eating creature from the Western Interior Seaway. It is similar to an already know species but with some major differences. It is quite a bit smaller and also has a shorter neck.

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