Elk Poached in National Park

The National Park Service is asking for help in its investigation of a poaching incident that occurred during the government shut down. A cow elk was killed in Zion National Park, Utah in or around the 20th of January.

According to the South Utah Independent, a gut pile and partial hide of an elk were found in Lee Valley off Kolob Terrace Road in Zion National Park. Evidence was collected at the scene, but help from the public will play a crucial role in finding those responsible.

It seems that someone figured that since the government was shut down they did not have to follow the rules. The problem is that the national park and the elk do not belong to the government they belong to the American people. The government holds it in trust and manages it for the enjoyment of all. Public land and wild life belong to all of us weather the government is functioning or not.

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to call or text the NPS Investigative Services Branch tip line at (888) 653-0009 or email nps_isb@nps.gov. The public can also submit tips online at nps.gov/isb and click on “Submit a Tip.”

Up to $1,500 is being offered in this case for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the violator(s).