Eric Chesser of Hush Pleads Guilty of Hunting Violation

It seems like every year a few famous hunters get cited for hunting violations. I like to classify them into two basic categories. First one is the blatant violators, these are the ones who knowingly break the (Example: Bill Busbice). The second consists of the ones that make honest mistakes(Example: Lee Lakosky, Pigman). This appears to be the latter.

According to court records.

On 30 August, 2018 William E. Chesser, know professionally as Eric Chesser, plead guilty of one count of failure to purchase an Archery Permit while hunting in elk Idaho. Apparently he purchased an over the counter tag but did not purchase the required $20 archery permit. He was checked by a game warden and was issued a citation.

This seems like an oversight on Chesser’s part. Honestly nobody spends $416 on a non-resident elk tag and tries to skip out on the $20 archery permit.

I can not imagine it was done on purpose, but we all know that ignorance is no excuse. It is up to the hunter to know all of the appropriate game laws and abide by them. This at times can be hard to do especially when you hunt multiple states with confusing laws.

Chesser was fined $309.50.

I almost feel that this is a non-story except for the fact that I have seen a few posts on social media trying to get hunters to run him through the wringer. Both post that I have seen call him a poacher and try to make the violation seem bigger then what is. They even went as far as tagging his sponsors.

We need to keep things in perspective. Something like this could happen to any one of us. A simple mistake or oversight should not ruin a reputation or career.

We reached out to Eric on the Hush website asking for a statement, but he did not get back to us.