Eva Shockey and Her Husband Have a Huge Announcement

Tim Brent, Eva Shockey, and Jim Shockey have a Huge announcement

I do not think there is more well known family in the hunting industry than the Shockey’s. Eva and her father Jim are amazing hunters and even more amazing people. And that family is about to get even more amazing after Eva and her husbands big news.

Eva Shockey and Tim Brent are proud to announce baby number two is on the way. Eva announced the news on her blog a few days ago and we are all happy for her.

A little hunter is on the way

We’re Having a BABY!!!!

You heard right… God has blessed us with Baby #2 on the way and our hearts are BURSTING with love and gratitude!!! I’m due in August, at the same time our house is scheduled to be done, so let’s just say this summer is going to be EXCITING and BUSY!!

I have been dyyyyying to share the news with YOU, but after struggling with infertility and miscarriage – I wrote an entire blog about it here –  I was hesitant to talk about it (or let myself get too excited) until I got further along in this pregnancy. Even at this stage, I still have some fear in the back of my mind, but I also know God has this under control and he is watching over this sweet baby so I have peace knowing it’s handled. People send me messages and leave me comments on a daily basis asking me when Baby #2 is coming, so I’m happy to finally give you the news you’ve been waiting for – ha! It’s just starting to feel real (and my baby bump has officially POPPED!) and we are beyond excited for what’s coming!! To be totally honest, I have no idea how we are going to handle TWO KIDS with two busy jobs, no family in NC, crazy lives, traveling etc but I felt the same way before having Leni and I keep reminding myself that we will FIGURE IT OUT when it comes. Tim and I are such a good team and our dream is to have a family so I have no doubt that we’ve got this! Our normal might look a little different than it does now (and it’s already pretty hectic) but we will find a new normal and we will just love this little baby SO MUCH. Leni already talks about the baby non-stop and I know she is going to be the BEST Big Sister… after a little adjustment period of not being the only baby.

Congratulation Eva, Tim and Leni, may God bless you and this new addition to your family. You are wonderful people and an inspiration for us all.