Exploding Shotgun Can Teach Us All a Valuable Lesson

As most hunters know a weapons malfunction can be catastrophic. People have been injured and even killed by weapons exploding. But there are steps you can take so it does not happen to you. A quick barrel check can save your life.

Dead End Game Calls posted an Instagram photo from Kevin Larson.

“I know a ton of you hunt or have family that does so I want to pass this along. My son Christian was duck hunting Saturday and he shot but the gun misfired. He took the shell out that misfired and put in a new one. The next time he shot, his gun barrel exploded. Praise God for protecting him. What happened was the wadding from the misfired shell lodged in the barrel, unknowing to him, and the next time he shot, the barrel exploded. Please let everyone know to check their barrel if a shell misfires” – Kevin Lawson

A barrel check only takes a second but it can be the difference between life and death.