The Most Extreme Guide To Scent Control

Scent control is the most important thing when comes harvesting that booner buck.

Whitetail deer have an amazing sense of smell and taking scent control to the extreme is an effective way to to gain the advantage. So until you’ve done it all to beat their nose please don’t assume or try and convince yourself that it can’t be done.

Here is the extreme scent control guide:

Prepare your body:

Start bathing in scent free body and hair soap about two weeks prior to season. Only use unscented deodorant. Do not wear cologne at all during hunting season. “I honestly believe you’re body can become scent free or close to it” but you have to remove everything that has scent.

Wash every load of laundry from two weeks out until you stop hunting in scent free laundry detergent “every load” no scented detergent should go in the washer during season. That means every towel you dry with is scent free and there is absolutely no residual effects on your clothes from the smells of a scented detergent.

Always shower before hunts. Dry off then spray down your naked body with with a quality scent killer. I mean quality. Not the watered down Walmart and big name brands like:

Dead down wind
Scent away

Prepare your equipment:

Keep all your hunting clothes in a totes.
Have a pair of hunting boots that are never worn anywhere except the woods. Don’t even drive in them. Put them on at the woods and take them off at the truck.

Keep your stands sprayed down and dusted with quality scent killer.
Keep them outside “not in a shop or garage with gas, oil, pet, garbage etc. smells”

Your truck should absolutely be kept scent free “no chicken, no burgers, no air fresheners” this is a huge problem for most. Also run a Scent Crusher Ozone Go in your truck daily.

Before hitting the woods:

Once at the parking spot, dust the inside of your boots and spray your clothes with a quality scent killer.

Get your packs from the scent crusher bag which you run on the way to the woods. Spray those down. Packs are another huge problem most over look.

Carry a complete change of clothes to the stand in your back pack.

Once you get to the tree get NAKED…. completely NAKED. Wipe down with the large scent free wipes and spray your naked body with the quality scent killer.. Then put on your “hunting” clothes. The outside layer of hunting clothes should never be worn anywhere except at the tree. Dust them down with scent killer and climb up.

Spray your hands and all your equipment at this point with scent killer again. Then dust every 30 mins to an hour depending on the temp.

Key points…

Starting two weeks before season gets your body conditioned to being scent free.

Making sure everything that comes from your washer and dryer are always scent free. Every load.

Boots are always free of any scent. Dust them and set on a boot dryer after each hunt. It dramatically reduces inside Oder which leaks out the top while hunting.

Your truck isn’t a place to eat and should always be scent free

Never ever go inside any store or someone’s house after your prepared to hunt.

Your equipment is completely scent free (Doesn’t smell like gas,garbage,dog,etc.)

Do it all again at the tree so your as close to scent free as a man can get.

You skip any step and you compromise the whole regiment.

It takes dedication but it works and you want to see deer at close range on every hunt.

You also want the opportunity at a mature buck. Scent control plays a huge roll in that.