Facebook Bans Advertising for Gun Safes and Holsters

In a blog posted just before inauguration Day, Facebook executives announced that they would add certain “gun accessories” to their list of prohibited items to advertise. Included on the new list are vests, holsters, and gun safes.

Here is the exact quote from Facebook:

Update on Saturday, January 16, 2021 at 11:00AM PT:

We are banning ads that promote weapon accessories and protective equipment in the US at least through January 22, out of an abundance of caution. We already prohibit ads for weapons, ammunition, and weapon enhancements like silencers. But we will now also prohibit ads for accessories such as gun safes, vests, and gun holsters in the US.

I have been racking my brain to come up with some reason why banning these types of ads will make us safer. Holsters and gun safes are part of being a safe responsible gun owner and a necessary part of gun safety.  

This makes zero sense and is another example of non-gun owners who know nothing about guns attempting to stifle good law abiding gun owners. They are pretending to help but not actually doing anything but hurt responsible business owners.

If somebody can shed some sort of light on to this I would appreciate it because I am at a loss.