Facebook Switches From Promoting BLM Donations Now Promoting Conservation Groups

Earlier this year, Facebook went full woke when they started suggesting donations to groups like Black Lives Matter for fundraisers. Every time I opened Facebook, these suggestions would come up, letting me know that Facebook would match the donations up to $10 million to the radical left-wing group.

Now that the election is over, I have seen a new type of suggestion for Facebook fundraisers. On my timeline, Facebook suggested that I start a fundraiser for Ducks Unlimited or Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. The post from Facebook adds that they will match donations up to 7 million on ‘GivingTuesday.”

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The Facebook post suggests donations for organizations that I like without pushing the woke left organizations. Facebook is not supporting conservation organizations exclusively and is still suggesting money be donated to left-wing groups if you like those groups. The difference is they are not shoving BLM down our throats.

Good on Facebook for taking a more neutral approach.