Failed Abortion Results In Deer’s 9 Days of Pain, Suffering, And Death

This is a follow up to our post last week about the deer abortions being performed in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The process of deer sterilization, where 54 deer where shot with tranquilizer darts, then transported to a facility where doctors removed the ovaries from the deer. The majority of these deer were pregnant and according to White Buffalo(The company contracted to perform the sterilization) the procedure will result in the death(ABORTION) of the deer fetus.

Deer abortions and ovary removal is what they have come up with to “humanely” reduce deer populations.

According to Mlive deer #32 was found in a state of distress and was euthanized on Friday, Feb. 3, according to the city and White Buffalo Inc.

DeNicola, who has a Ph.D. in wildlife ecology, said the deer euthanized on Friday also was spotted last Sunday, four days after surgery, standing in the middle of Arlington Boulevard, which he said seemed a little odd, but not too odd.

Then someone else reported the same deer coming up to a car, being almost too friendly, he said, and he thought that was strange.

Then when there was a report of the deer looking ill, he said, they figured it was not just odd behavior, but an indication of declining health. He said the deer, upon examination, was definitely on a permanent downward trajectory.

Nine days of pain and suffering for the poor animal.

The sterilization of the 54 deer has already cost taxpayers $150,000. A “problem” hunters would actually pay for the opportunity to solve.

Like we have stated before there is researched from a six year study at Cornell University that proves deer sterilization does not work. Click Here if you would like to read that study.

Click HERE for full press release on the euthanized deer.