The Fallen Outdoors: Veteran’s Turkey Hunt

This past week I got the opportunity to go on a spring turkey hunt put on by The Fallen Outdoors. I was selected to go hunt southern Ohio with Ronnie Smith of Green Run Calls. It was an awesome opportunity that I will not soon forget.

Due to logistics I had to drive down early the morning of the hunt so I left my house at 2 am and made the 3 hour drive. Before I left I had the feeling the weather was going to be an issue. It was cold rainy and the wind was kicking pretty good.

I met Ronnie and we headed out to the hunting spot. We walked up to on top of a hill and waited until we heard the first gobble. We headed toward another field in the direction of the gobble and got set up. As dawn broke, the rain stopped but wind was still our enemy.

We hunted hard all day. We saw a few birds, but they did not want to cooperate. After they flew out of the roost they were silent. The windy cloudy day was our downfall, but that is hunting. You do not always get a kill and sometimes you do not even get a shot.

Some would not call my hunt a success, but they are wrong. A successful hunt cannot always be measured by a kill. It is the memories and time spent in the field with good friends. Even though it was the first time I had met Ronnie we were already connected. We were both Army Veterans that share a passion for the outdoors.

I am very thankful The Fallen Outdoors put us in contact with each other so we can enjoy the outdoors. If you are a veteran follow them on Facebook and get connected. You may get to go on a guided hunt like I did or you can connect with other veterans in your local area that share your passion.

If you are not a veteran, but want to support the troops go online to and ask how to get involved. They are always looking for people to take Veterans out hunting and fishing.