Famed Wild Game Chef Announces New Cookbook

If you cook wild game, you know the name Hank Shaw, and if you do not shame on you because you are missing out on amazing recipes from in my opinion the greatest wild game chef out there.

I see people all the time on online forums asking about the best way to cook some cut of game meat, and I want to reach through my computer and hit them in the face with one of Hank’s cookbooks and say “Here, this is all you need. Now shut up and cook.”

I have been following Hank ever since I saw him on an episode of Steve Rinella’s Meat Eater. Rinella has become famous in his own right for his cooking ability and rightfully so he is very good, but in the episode, Steve concedes that Hank can cook circles around him. Steve is absolutely right.

I own all of four of Hanks books and they are my go to resource for any type of wild game cooking. So when I heard he was was coming out with another one, I already knew it was going to be added to my collection.

This book is a little different instead of dealing with animals you acquire while hunting this one is dedicated to the fisherman. It is all things seafood and from what I know about his other books I know this will have everything you need to cook the fish you catch.

Hank just announced via Facebook that his new book, Hook Line and Supper is available for pre-order on his website, and to top it off if you preorder he will sign a copy for you.

Here we go! I am now accepting pre-orders for *signed* copies of my upcoming fish and seafood cookbook, Hook Line and Supper: This has been a long time coming. In some ways, a lifetime! This book is similar in appearance and format to my other books, but different in a couple of major ways: https://honest-food.net/shop-books/

1. It reflects a lifetime of experience with fish and seafood, freshwater and salt, from all over America, Canada, and even parts of Mexico. Most of you know me as a wild game cook. I have worked with fish and seafood for 25 years longer than I have with game. And this book reflects that.

2. It is designed to be useful for everyone, no matter where you live or if you fish or not. Too many people get hung up on species, when, in the kitchen, the minor differences between one species and another, similar one matter very little, if at all. Whether you live in Minnesota, Alaska, Florida, Texas, Maine, or New Jersey, this book will help you be a better cook.

3. It is intensely technique-driven. The recipes are mostly “master recipes” that teach you the best way to, say, tempura fry or smoke or grill or poach fish and seafood — all with lots of suggested variations.

I’m really excited about this, and I hope you like the book. (it’s gorgeous!)

If you pre-order one from me, I will sign it, and it will ship when the book is released at the end of April or the beginning of May. Just in time for ice out!

Via Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook’s Facebook page

While you are checking out his latest book. Get yourself a copy of his other ones if you do not have them. They are by far the best wild game cookbooks I have ever used and should be in every hunter’s kitchen.