Family Discovers Their Dog is Actually a Bear

When I first found this story I called BS. There is no way someone could mistake a bear for a dog. First I checked to see if it was a satire but it was reported from a legitimate news site out of Salt Lake City and they cited a reputable news source out of the UK. So as far as I can tell this is a legit story.

So apparently a family in Kunming, China which is in the Yunnan province adopted what they were told was a Tibetan Mastiff. After taking care of the animal for two years they discovered that it was not a dog at all but an Asiatic Black Bear.

According to the Independent, the family realized their error when the pet did not stop growing and started showing a talent for walking on two legs. They were feeding the bear eating a box of fruit and two buckets of noodles every day. Which caused it to grow to over 250 lbs.

The animal has now been taken into care at the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Center after the family got in touch requesting help. Footage taken by officials shows it standing about a meter tall. Staff were so intimidated by the animal – which had lived in the family home – they sedated it before transportation.

Crazy thing is this is not the first time this has happened. back in march another man from the same province found what he thought was a stray dog walking in the woods. He took the animal home and started taking care of it, but soon discovered it was actually a bear.

I guess they look kind of similar when they are babies, especially if you have never seen a baby bear before, but as the grow they defiantly look nothing alike.

It seems like more and more people are becoming so disconnected with nature that they do not even recognize the wildlife in their own back yard.  I am sure it does not help that the Asiatic Black Bear is endangered and the public probably has had little interaction with the animal.