Family Pet Killed by Gang of Otters

When most people picture otters they do not look at them as predators, but that is exactly what they are. Sure they be cute, but turns out they are also deadly. A couple from St. Petersburg, Florida found that out the hard way.

According to NBC  8 out of Tampa, a group of otters came into a family’s yard and killed their small dog. Marilyn and Jack Frieman were enjoying a peaceful Easter morning when they heard a blood curdling noise from there yard. When they went outside they found their 13-year-old Pappion, Bucky bloody and clinging to life.

The couple spotted a pair of otters running away from the scene.

One got off the pavement, ran into the pool, jumped out of the pool and jumped into the bay,” said Jack.

They rushed the dog to a 24-hour vet, but it was too late. Now the Friemans hope to warn others who may live in areas inhabited by otters.

“It’s been shattering for me. Every time I think if it, I start crying,” said Jack. “I think that people should watch out for their pets, in fact, every time I see somebody with their dog, I ask ’em, ‘if you live on the water, please look out for that.”

As sad as this story is it does show one thing that is encouraging. Otters were almost trapped to extinction and now they are back all thanks to conservation programs funded by hunting and trapping. Numbers have recovered so well that there are now trapping opportunities in many states.  Hunting is conservation and with out it we would not have the recovery of many animal populations like the otter.

People need to be even more vigilant in keeping their pets safe, because human animal interactions are not going to stop they are only going to be more prevalent.