Family Stomped By Attacking Moose

A mother moose protecting her young is one of the most aggressive animals in North America. They will attack if they feel their calf is in danger and if you are in their way you had better look out. An Alaska family found this out the hard way.

According to KTVA, The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has issued a warning for people to be extremely careful around moose after a family was stomped in Kincaid Park.

A husband, wife and their daughter were walking on a single-track trail when they were charged mother moose. The moose stomped both the woman and the daughter. The husband responded by shooting the moose with a 9mm handgun.

“He had a 9 mm¬†handgun and shot the moose several times and it apparently went down,” Wildlife biologist Dave Battle said. “We expected to find it laying there dead when we went in to find it, because they had left the scene. We got in there and [there was] no moose around.”

They tracked the moose and were unable to locate it. Hopefully, she makes a full recovery.

The family was not seriously hurt and to Battles knowlege, they did not seek medical attention.

“Right now is the worst time for cows with newborn calves because the little baby calves right now they can’t really escape from predators. So the cow’s strategy is to stand her ground and try to stomp you into the dirt if you get too close.”