Farmer Is Offering High Fence Horse Hunts

A Facebook post advertising horse hunts is going viral right now. The post states “I have a 300- acre ranch just outside of SA, I’ve been collecting unwanted horses and now I’ve got a pretty strong herd going. $200 for the first one, $50 for each one after. You may process them here or take them but you can’t leave what you’ve shot. No young horses, I like to save the foals for my freezer.”

The public figure page of Jonathon Anderson made the post on early Sunday morning, and already reached over a million people. After looking at the page it is easy to see that the profile has not been up very long and it can be assumed that it was made to make this post.

I see this as an attack on hunters, either deliberate or collateral damage from some troll trying to get likes and share and find 15 minutes of fame. Posts like this even though fake as hell, still influence non hunters and not in a good way.

On a side note the profile lists as its website. Part of me wonders if this is another one of their bizarre propaganda stunts. They get people upset about hunting horses and then make the switch to hunting other animals. Something like, “You get upset about a dead horse but not a dead deer — – What’s the Difference? They both want to live.”

Hunters need to stand against such attacks and not let the trolls or anti-hunters dominate the conversation.

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