Fat Bear Week voting expected to be highest ever!

Fat bear week is a competition put on by Katmai National Park and Preserve. As bears in Alaska prepare for hibernation, they get extremely fat. The park takes pictures and videos of the bears so people can vote for the fattest bear.

The first round of the annual competition starts on September 30th. Twelve of the fattest bears are put onto a bracket, and the voting begins. The first round begins with eight bears, and 4 get a bye to the 2nd round. The winners of the first round move onto the 2nd to face the bears that got a bye in the first round. Two days later is the 3rd round, and two days after that is the finals.

Fat Bear 2019 Brackets | Katmai Conservancy

Last year Holly was the winner. This year bear 747 has taken social media by storm with a video showing he is already too fat to walk! 747 has made it to the semi-finals the last two years in a row and looks to be the front runner for 2020.

Fat Bear Week 2019: Alaska's Katmai National Park's fattest brown bear is  up to you - Vox

With this year’s competition gaining traction on Facebook, this year’s vote totals are expected to be the highest ever! Voting runs from September 30th- October 6th. You can vote for your favorite fattest bear on the Katmai Nation Park & Preserve Facebook page.