Father Kills Son in Tragic Hunting Accident

Hunting is by far one of the safest sports one can participate in. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, it ranks just above billiards in injury’s per 100,000 participants. The caviot to this is that hunting involves deadly weapons so when there is a mistake it is usally serious and sometimes fatal.

An Ohio family is grieving today after a father accidentally killed his adult son after mistaking him for a deer. According to WBNS News,  Andrew Smith age 28 was hunting with his father and another group of hunters south of the city of Delaware in central Ohio on 2 December 2020.

It was just at the end of legal shooting light and possibly a little past when Andrew who was not wearing hunter orange approached his fathers position. His father mistook him for a deer and fired killing him.

Andrew and his father were both experienced hunters. Andrew had been hunting with his dad since age seven.

No Charges will be filed agianst the father.

This is the second incident this year were a hunter was shot while not wearing blaze orange as required by law.

If you are out hunting with a firearm please wear blaze orange or other high visibility color allowed by law.

Also always be sure of your target and if there is ever any doubt do not fire, especially in low light situations. Humans do not look like deer.

Please keep this family in your prayers. I am sure this father is going through a lot and needs all the support hem can get.

NOTE: News sources gave approximate times and seem to show that the father fired after legal shooting light. This violation has not been confirmed or refuted by law enforcement.