Federal Judge Blocks Poisoning of Wild Pigs in Texas

Back on 21 February 2017, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller announced he approved the use of the pesticide, “Kaput Feral Hog Lure,” for statewide use. His intent was to try and combat the destructive and ever growing wild pig numbers across the State.

After the announcement the backlash was quick and fast. Hunters and environmental groups teamed up to decry the decision. The Hog Hunters Association was one of the most vocal. “Spreading rat poison across Texas lands would hurt Texas hunters, Texas hunting-supply businesses, Texas feral hog meat processing businesses, Texas ranchers and the Texas environment,” said Eydin Hansen, vice president of the hog hunters association.

The Austin American Statesman reports that on Thursday of last week a federal Judge put a temporary hold to that decision based on a law suit filed by Wild Boar Meats, a meat processing business in Hubbard, Texas. They buy live and dead hogs and process them for sale to the pet food industry.

Will Herring the owner of Wild Boar Meats said, “The problem is we haven’t discovered any way through freezing or heating to kill the warfarin in the meat of the animal. This could potentially kill the industry. My customers want to make sure there’s no rat poison in the meat that we’re turning into pet food.”

There is sure to be an appeal, but as for now the wild pig population remains poison free.

To read the article by the Austin American Statesman CLICK HERE