Firemen Launch Dangerous Rescue Across the Ice to Save a Goose Decoy

Wildlife officers across the country put themselves in dangerous situations in order to protect and help our wildlife. So when they got the call about a Canada goose stuck in the ice they launched a rescue mission.

According to a Facebook post from Monroe County Reporters- Ryan Mink/Shane Neckel, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources received a call about a Canada goose stuck on the ice. The responding DNR officer called the local fire department and received assistance in launching a rescue mission.

The team prepared for the rescue and took all safety precautions that they could and ventured out onto the ice. When they got close they realized that what they were attempting to rescue was a goose decoy that had been lost by a waterfowl hunter. The crew had a good laugh and retrieved the decoy.

The DNR received a phone call about a goose that was possibly injured on the Raisin River near Waterloo park. The DNR officer arrived and asked if Monroe Township fire would respond to help get the goose off the ice. Crews suited up and went out onto the ice. Once crews got close they realized it was not a real goose and it was just a decoy… Crews were able to get some training in and had a good laugh!! Great job guys!

Monroe County Reporters- Ryan Mink/Shane Neckel

Great job guys retrieving that decoy. Glad he is now safe and warm.