Firing Pistol Submerged in Gasoline! [VIDEO]

Leaving guys alone with gas and guns is a recipe for disaster.

I have done many stupid things in my life but this reaches a high level. One summer I lit an old television on fire with a couple small propane tanks in it. My brother shot one of them, and we thought the other had leaked out. I went to throw the remaining propane tank in the inferno when the second tank exploded nearly setting me on fire.

When I stopped freaking out I through the last propane tank in. My brother took aim and squeezed the trigger of my moms 6mm. With the bullet hitting the tank precisely on the top of the can it rocketed back at him. A flaming rocket passed only a foot from his head. Traveling over 200 yards it finally hit a thick oak tree bring it to a stop. Sometimes stupid people get lucky!