First big game hunting season canceled due to COVID-19

Alberta Canada: My Wild Alberta has announced the closure of all hunting activities on CFB Wainwright due to COVID-19. All tag holders will be given refunds.

CFB stands for Canadian Forces Base. Hunts are given out on a draw system to hunt on the base a varying times of the year. CFB Wainwright is responsible for the cancelation of these hunts.

The cancellation includes the grouse season September 5th-7th and all big game hunting seasons beginning November 26th-December 12th. Over 250 hunters will be affected by the closer, but the early notification is meant to give hunters more time to explore other options.

At present, the elk hunting season on CFB Suffield is still being planned in conjunction with CFB personnel. According to My Wild Alberta, that is still subject to change.

The closure marks the first of its kind for the 2020 fall hunting season. We saw a couple of closures in the spring turkey season. We do expect to see more regulations preventing out of state hunting this fall. Follow The Hunting News on Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest hunting news.